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How Can Hypnosis Help?

Are You Ready to Awaken the Change Within...

Awaiting inside you could be somebody smoke-free...or thinner...or more confident...or more serene...somebody with a more empowered way of life...

And you can awaken it now.

              Hypnosis Can Help With Scores of Issues

There are literally hundreds of issues and situations that hypnosis can help with. Besides the familiar applications of smoking, weight loss and stress, hypnosis can help with issues as varied as noise sensitivity, stage fright, sports performance, and even blushing. Hypnosis can be very effective as an adjunct to medical treatment for the alleviation of various symptoms of illnesses; such as general pain management, reducing symptoms from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), pain reduction with chronic diseases, and more.

Any issue which has a psychological component can benefit from hypnosis. Both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Psychological Association (APA) endorse hypnosis.

Since hypnotherapists are not medically trained, hypnosis is limited when it comes to the purely physical aspects of a problem; such as a fractured bone! But it can help you deal with managing the discomfort which accompanies a healing broken bone.

So where the solely physical stops, the sky is almost the limit for hypnosis. Below are just some applications which have been helped by hypnosis. If you have an issue not listed here, feel free to contact me to discuss the possible benefits of hypnosis for you:

Aggression                         Nervous Behaviors

Anger                                Nausea

Worries/Fears                     Negativity

Assertiveness                     Nightmares

Attention & Learning           Habitual drives to do, say,
                                            or think something

Bed Wetting                       Optimal Performance

Chronic Lateness                Skin Picking

Chronic Pain                       Passive-Aggression

Concentration                    Performance Anxiety

Confidence                        Public Speaking

Control Issues                    Reactive Substances

Cramps                             Rejection

Cravings                           Responsibility

Creativity                         Restlessness

Death/Loss                       Sadness

Discouragement                Self-Control

Emotional Pain                  Self-Defeating Behaviors

Forgiveness                      Self-Image

Guilt                                Sexual Problems

Hair Pulling                       Shame

Indecision                        Sleep Issues

Insecurity                        Smoking

Interview Preparation        Social Fears

Jealousy                           Stress

Memory                           Study Habits

Motivation                       Stuttering/Involuntary Responses

Nail Biting                        Thumb Sucking

Tics                                Victimhood

Trauma                           Weight Loss

Hoarding                          Writer's Block


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