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Why Choose Morris Hypnosis Over Someone Else?

You've made the decision to get help with an issue, and you want to try hypnosis...so why pick Morris Hypnosis Center over someone else?

Four Reasons to Choose Morris Hypnosis Center

FIRST, unlike most hypnotherapists, I don't rely on pre-written scripts with my clients.

After a lengthy interview at our first session, I incorporate some powerful key information you've provided me right into our first session together. Then before we meet for our second session, I utilize the rest of the applicable information you provided that first day to create a highly individualized, completely targeted script; which makes for an extremely powerful hypnosis session. It uses your own experiences, your own emotions, your own reflections and even often your own words to most profoundly and effectively communicate with your subconscious; to best help you make the changes you seek to make.

SECOND, my hypnosis technique is not to simply talk to you or at you, while you lie still and "take it in", as with most hypnotherapists. My hypnosis is interactive with my clients.

Throughout the sessions, I will periodically ask you questions, and proceed accordingly depending upon your responses. I may ask you simple yes or no questions, or gauge something going on with you which you report back to me. I may ask for feedback after I've had you imagine hypothetical, pretend, or even impossible scenarios. The subconscious is very playful, and it responds well to imaginative techniques and interactions.

THIRD,  unlike most hypnotherapists, I use several complex, advanced regression techniques which connect with the subconscious on a much deeper level than one-way suggestive scripts. These techniques address unconscious thought processes and behavior patterns that were formed in your past, which continue to exert various degrees of control over your present.

One such technique engages different "parts" of who you are, as individuals in their own right...another has you imagine your life on a timeline, where you travel back and repair things from the past, by reframing how you perceive them; and then go forward to design your future.

And FOURTH, at our very first session I teach you several tools to use at home.

The most important is how to do self-hypnosis. As I will discuss when we first meet, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Learning self-hypnosis techniques to do at home will give you greater ownership of your issues, and empower you to further cement the changes we make while working together. Repetition is a key factor for making permanent shifts in your subconscious. Self-hypnosis will also give you the ability to address and deal with any other issues that come up in the future.

In addition to self-hypnosis, at the first session I also teach you several relaxation/coping tools and thought-clearing tools; all of which you can you use at any time - for any purpose - without anybody knowing you're using them.

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