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Client Testimonials

(Client names have been changed for privacy considerations)

Chloe K.,Chatham - anxiety and procrastination with exams/studying:

Hi Linda,

I just wanted to let you know how midterms went -- I got all As on all except History, which I got a B on, so I'm very happy. I think I stayed pretty calm throughout and was efficient/didn't procrastinate much in studying. I feel like I prepared well and did all I could.
Thanks for all your help!

Lisa K., Morristown - weight management: (voicemail message)

Hi Linda, it's, Lisa K., I know you remember me, and I just wanted to follow up with you. I am passing along your name and contact information to a friend of mine, who told me she has a friend who is trying and trying to lose weight. And the reason why she called me to ask for the reference is good news; since I started first seeing you I'm down now 45 pounds! So I hope to get in at some point, but I can't make an appointment just yet my schedule's a bit crazy right now. But I will call you about getting in for a little booster refresher. So just wanted to touch base. Talk to you later. Bye Bye.

Jan V., Morristown - flying phobia:

Hi Linda!

Thank you! I had 4 different flights this week (2 big planes connecting to 2 prop planes) and had no problems!...I was perfectly calm. I don't remember the last time in general that I traveled and was so relaxed. Even things/people that would typically annoy me really didn't faze me. I can't thank you enough. It was so nice not to feel so utterly panicked/out of control.:)

   Also from Jan V., a few weeks later:

...Ever so glad I did the hypnosis - had another trip and did very well despite the fact that the plane kept dropping like a roller coaster. :)

Ben N., Morristown, age 79 -releasing the past/weight management:

Hypnotic techniques taught at Morris Hypnosis Center enabled me to control the obsessive thoughts, regrets, and guilty emotions built up over a lifetime that caused me to become overwhelmed and deeply despondent.

   Also from Ben:

Dear Linda,

I'm doing fine and enjoying the fruits of my work with you. Best wishes for the New Year.

Stephen R., Chatham - smoking:

Hi Linda-

I'm doing great. I have not wanted to smoke once, even still. I found a pack tucked away, and surprised myself (and my wife) at how I much I actually enjoyed breaking each cigarette in half! I'm  also sleeping a lot better and I started running again. Thank you again so much.

Abby N., Mendham - social anxiety:

Hi Linda,

I'm using your techniques on a regular basis...I recently spoke to a group of people at an art exhibit that one of my pieces was in, and I was fine. It was an amazing feeling...I also use the 'creative wall' tool if having a difficult conversation. Your help was a wonderful birthday present that I gave myself.

Jennifer H., Lake Hopatcong - memory & learning blocks:

Hi Linda-

I wanted to tell you that I won 8 first places in my dance competitions! I was relaxed and everything just came to me easily. Thank you so much for all your help!

Rick W., Morristown - binge behavior:

I saw Linda West to help me with a long-standing problem that no other professionals could help me with. For over seven years, I engaged in a very excessive behavior that became embarrassing, unhealthy and dangerous to myself and others. I only exhibited this behavior occasionally, but it was always to excess.

After seeing Linda for only four hypnosis sessions, I was able to eliminate my habit completely with very little effort. Linda somehow rewired my brain and interrupted my bad behavior. Plus, she made my behavior modification fun, easy, relaxing and interesting to say the least.

After three months, I attempted to engage in this behavior again to test whether I could participate in it moderately and responsibly as this would show that I truly could control my actions. To my surprise, I could now enjoy my old occasional habit in moderation without having to eliminate it completely. Linda West is a miracle worker.

   Also from Rick W.:


Thanks again for your help. I recommend you every chance I get. You taught me a lot about hypnosis, positive affirmations, and myself.

Fiona F., Randolph - nightmares:

I was having nightmares and trouble sleeping and a friend recommended Linda. I had tried hypnosis in the past for weight loss so was familiar with the process, but Linda was different. She picked up on all the right things while interviewing me. I was really impressed. I found the handouts incredibly interesting and informative and easy to follow. I fall asleep more easily and ever since seeing her have not had bad dreams. I've recommended her to several friends.

   Also from Fiona:

Hi Linda

I wanted to email and let you know how much you helped me. I haven't had a bad dream since coming to you. I do practice the self-hypnosis and I sleep so much better. Can't thank you enough. I recommend you to many and still sing your praises.

Ann G., Morristown - chronic lateness:

Hi Linda!

I want to let you know that the day after our first appointment, I made it to my meeting in the city EARLY! And I didn't have that intense underlying anxiety...

Gina F., Mendham - chronic flatulence:

Last night went really well...I was feeling pretty relaxed and only had to use the tools from you a few times - but when I did, they definitely worked! Thanks again for all your help!