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Can I Be Hypnotized?

To answer this question I will paraphrase a leader in the field of hypnosis, who says that the only person who can't be hypnotized is the one not in the room.

While this may be a slight exaggeration, it is true that most people can experience hypnosis. The level of hypnosis reached will vary by individual. Fortunately, a light state of hypnosis is all that is necessary to derive full therapeutic benefits from a hypnosis session. Many hypnotists, including myself, believe that a lighter state is optimal for communicating with the subconscious.

                               ~~~~ALL ABOARD?~~~~

So, if you believe that most any person of reasonable intelligence and cognitive functioning can be hypnotized, you're right.

But, if you believe that having a steely resolve and steadfast determination to AVOID being hypnotized can 'work', you're right again.

                   YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF THE S.S. TRANCE!
                 The ship will not leave port without your say-so!

Any wariness you may have about hypnosis wouldn't be enough to prevent your hypnotic experience from happening (though I will address such things in our first session to make you as comfortable as I can). If you believe you can be hypnotized and expect and want to be hypnotized, it will happen.

A sincere desire to create positive change or improvement in your life will make hypnosis one of the most natural and pleasant experiences you can have.

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